7 Local Marketing Tips to Help You Make More Sales

Most small businesses want to spread the word about their product or service to as many people as possible. But after covering the cost of inventory, employee wages, utilities, taxes, and a host of other expenses, many of these businesses simply don’t have enough money left over to launch widespread advertising campaigns. The good news […]


4 Fundamental Mistakes That Are Killing Your Digital Agency’s Growth

You’re great at what you do, that’s why you built a digital agency around it. But whether you niched out on social media, graphic design, website building, or software coding, we all run into similar fundamental problems. These problems tend to look the same but the solutions all look different. Therein lies the problem. These […]


Digital marketing tips for best results

Take a good look around and see the impact of digital marketing. From ecommerce businesses to electoral campaigns, everyone who wants to address masses leverages upon digital marketing. Whether you are a celebrity or a business brand, your promotional campaigns are incomplete without approaching people where they are most commonly found: on the World Wide […]


How to Budget Your Time Like You Budget Money

Lots of people spend time coming up with budgets so they can improve their finances. Then they spend additional time tracking their finances and comparing everything to their budget. After that, they may tweak one or the other, and sometimes both, as they balance their spending and income. If you’re one of them, I commend […]


You Won’t Survive as an Entrepreneur Treating Your Business Like a Hobby

Growing up, our parents taught us to choose a career path that we enjoy. To love what we do. That teaching has carried over into our adult lives and is essentially what we strive for in our careers. According to the Pew Research Center, 49 percent of working Americans are unsatisfied in their jobs. Furthermore, […]



One of the most crucial and challenging tasks facing entrepreneurs as their companies grow is hiring and retaining talented team members. With the United States now nearing full employment, according to a recent CNBC report, competition for capable candidates has seldom been higher. According to a 2018 study by the National Federation of Independent Business, […]


9 Sales and Marketing Tips for Startups

Marketing done right can be an incredible boon for your business’s net income. Done wrong, however, it can feel like throwing money into a raging bonfire. Because small business owners have to be whatever their small business needs — all the time — it can be difficult to master all the nuances that go into sales or marketing. […]


8 Psychological Tips for Your Marketing Strategy

A recent article from Entrepreneur highlights eight useful reminders that can help you to implement psychology in your marketing efforts. 1. The human mind is prone to impulsivity. Regardless of demographic, most people make impulse purchases, as shown by data from Chase, Gallup and Harris Interactive. This is why it works to ask customers to subscribe, buy and […]


3 Tips to Increase the Time People Spend Reading Your Content

It’s no secret that creating engaging content is harder than ever. In fact, a study from Beckon showed that while content marketing was up 300 percent in 2016, engagement was only up 5 percent. Even worse, the small percentage of people taking the time to read and engage with your content are only spending 37 […]