5 Ways to Up Your Digital Marketing Game in 2019

There are only a few months to go before we hit 2019 — the perfect time to plan a fresh digital marketing strategy and capitalize on upcoming trends. After all, in a field as dynamic as this, staying ahead makes all the difference in terms of brand visibility and recall. And while certain strategies from […]


Phone Call or Email? How to Choose the Right Sales Outreach Approach.

When you want to send someone a message, what’s your go-to method of communication? For me, as someone who’s constantly on the go, I love being able to shoot off a few emails wherever I am. In fact, for many people, email is the preferred communication method: According to Radicati, the number of worldwide email […]


9 Ways to Boost Productivity That Will Make You a Great Teammate

Employee performance is a growing concern for business owners, and many of them are taking unique measures to keep their employees happy and productive. One New Zealand firm known as Perpetual Guardian recently shifted its employees to a four-day workweek instead of five, finding that its team members became far less stressed while producing the […]


5 Ways to Build Strong Business Networking Skills

The need for networking skills is often considered when people have to switch jobs or be in a position to grab any opportunity assisting in taking their career forward. Or, let’s say, people, network for exposure, knowledge sharing, staying in the loop as to what’s in trend and upgrade the necessary skills their industry demands. […]


Three Learnings from Jack Ma

Almost all of us have this belief that the knowledge about technology, management and smartness are the more important ingredients of a successful entrepreneurship. But, Alibaba Group’s executive chairman, Jack Ma did not have any of it when he started his business in 1995. Starting out his career as a teacher is what made him […]


5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Website Theme

Selecting a website theme can be overwhelming — there are literally thousands of free and paid options available to download and purchase. Your theme is the overall look, feel and style of your website. This includes things like the color scheme, layout and style elements. In essence, your website theme is a direct representation of […]


4 Tips to Create Content That Converts

Is the blog on your website just sitting around, waiting for someone to read it? Or is it acting like a virtual salesperson for your business and bringing in new customers left, right and center? If you’re here, you probably find yourself in the first scenario, wishing you could make the second scenario a reality […]


5 Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in Competitive Service Industries

Brands have multiple ways to market their services these days, and online methods are among the most effective. But with many different options available, it leaves many companies allocating (and wasting) their limited budgets toward campaigns that don’t produce a return. Small online marketing budgets are common among service providing brands, but that doesn’t mean […]


5 Creative Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Let’s face it: attention spans are short these days. People are bombarded with content every second of every day and don’t have the time or patience to read a long article. Add to that the difficulty text posts have standing out in a crowded feed of funny and interesting videos – it can be hard […]


Things That Will Help You Have a Warrior’s Mind

Every once in a while everyone gets into tough times and that’s the time when you need to be mentally insanely sane. Thankfully, there are ways to keep you mentally sane while you deal with the problem or wait for it to settle down. But let me remind you, these techniques should become guidelines for […]