One of the most memorable ad campaigns in recent history, helped increase sales of cow milk

The “Got Milk” campaign helped increase sales of cow milk in California by 7 percent in just one year and became culturally relevant throughout the nation

The first “Got Milk” advertisement was a commercial in 1993. It featured a historian receiving a call to answer a radio station’s trivia question to win $10,000. The question was “Who shot Alexander Hamilton in that famous duel?” The commercial shows that the historian’s home is a museum dedicated to that duel, filled with artifacts related to the event. However, when he tries to correctly answer the question, his mouth is filled with a peanut butter after eating a sandwich, and since he has no milk, he cannot clear his mouth to answer the question correctly and win the $10,000. When the DJ hangs up on him, the ad’s narrator asks, “Got Milk?”

The campaign moved into print advertisements alongside celebrity the “milk mustache” campaign and has included superstars like Beyonce, Brittney Spears, Rihanna and many others. Though the campaign was discontinued in 2014, the phrase lives on in countless social media parodies.

What marketers can learn: You don’t need a complex slogan or message to achieve results. Sometimes a simple message that resonates is best.

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