Snapchat feature very few know about

Did you know you can check where your companions are through Snapchat? Indeed, there is a Snapchat highlight that empowers you to see other individuals’ areas on Snap Map. Also, indeed, you are noticeable on it as well, unless you turn it off. Snap Map utilizes your cell phone’s GPS to refresh your area on the application. Note that this element isn’t new to Snapchat, however by one means or another, a considerable measure of clients still don’t think about it. Here, we’ll disclose to you how you can check others’ area, and how you can kill this component in the event that you discover it excessively meddlesome. There is likewise an alternative of just offering your area to choose contacts. Here’s the means by which you can see your companions’ areas:

Stage 1: Open Snapchat

Stage 2: Pinch your fingers on the Snap screen from the sides of the casing to the center to open Snap Map.

Stage 3: This will open the guide of the world and will demonstrate your companions’ Bitmojis on areas where your companions are. Nonetheless, take note of that you won’t have the capacity to see your companions’ areas on the off chance that they have fixed protection on the application.

In the event that you wish to have more protection and not impart your area to your contacts, or just offer it with select contacts, this is what you should do:

Stage 1: Open Snapchat

Stage 2: Open Snap Map by squeezing your fingers on the Snap screen from the edges of the edge to the center.

Stage 3: Select the ‘Settings’ symbol on upper right. This will take you to a page where you can choose who you wish to reveal your area to.

Stage 4: If you wish to go totally imperceptible on Snap Map, select ‘Phantom Mode’. You should in any case have the capacity to see yourself, however with the Ghost symbol alongside your Bitmoji. By doing this, nobody else can see your area on Snapchat.

Stage 5: If you need just your companions to see where you are, at that point picked the choice ‘My Friends.’

Stage 6: Click on ‘Select Friends’ whether you need just a few people among your Snapchat contacts to see where you are. This will open your Snapchat contacts and you simply need to choose the ones you wish to impart your area to.

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